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World of Tanks Co-Sponsors the FV4005 Restoration Project on Its road to TANKFEST!

World of Tanks proudly announces its co-sponsorship of the FV4005 Restoration Project in partnership with The Tank Museum. With a shared dedication to preserving military history, World of Tanks is co-funding the restoration of the FV4005, a significant piece of the United Kingdom’s armoured warfare heritage. This initiative aims to preserve and maintain history for future generations by restoring the tank to its former glory.

Its appearance in the World of Tanks video game made the unique vehicle famous, creating fresh interest from a new generation of enthusiasts, who have called on the Museum to restore the vehicle to running condition.

As part of this sponsorship, World of Tanks has pledged £20,000 towards the project, which will help cover the fabrication of missing parts and fittings. 

The famous FV4005 in its prior location.

The FV4005, also known as the “Stage II”, holds a special place in military history, as it has what is almost certainly the largest gun ever fitted to a tank. It marks the high point of the race throughout the history of armoured warfare to build bigger and bigger guns that could defeat thicker and thicker armour at longer and longer ranges, and World of Tanks is dedicated to ensuring that its legacy lives on. Once restored, this tank will be the only running example of its kind in the world, serving as a tangible link to the past for enthusiasts and historians alike.  

The culmination of this restoration effort will be revealed to the public at TANKFEST 2024, taking place from the 28th until the 30th of June at The Tank Museum in Bovington. TANKFEST is an armoured warfare event that attracts thousands of visitors each year, and World of Tanks is honoured to be the main sponsor. 

“As a long-standing partner of The Tank Museum and main sponsor of TANKFEST, we were naturally more than happy to extend our support to enriching the Museums exhibition and education programs”, said Richard Cutland, Head of Military Relations at Wargaming“This exciting historic revival of the FV4005 has captured both the interest and passion of our incredible player base. By investing in these initiatives, World of Tanks helps preserve and share the invaluable knowledge of tank warfare with enthusiasts, visitors and future generations. The Museums dedication to educational offerings ensures that the historical significance of tanks remains alive and accessible to all”. 

The FV4005's turret.
The FV4005’s turret.

The FV4005, mounted on a Centurion Mk 3 chassis, boasts a 183 mm L4 gun, the largest direct-fire gun ever installed on a tank. Developed post-World War II to counter the threat of Soviet heavy tanks like the IS-3, it features three prototypes, one with a six-round drum and two with a lightly armoured enclosed turret. The Museum’s FV4005 turret, the only surviving original component, represents the latter type. 

Based on the 7.2-inch gun used by the Royal Artillery during WWII, each round of the FV4005 weighed 160 lb and could penetrate 457 mm of armour. The Tank Museum received an original FV4005 turret in 1969, which was initially displayed in the Museum’s playground before being mounted on a Centurion Mk 12 hull in 2007. The turret has always been outdoors during its time at The Tank Museum, while the fate of the original hull remains unknown. 

The work will be undertaken by AW Hewes at their workshop in Leicestershire, and the hope is that it will be completed in time so that the FV4005 can be displayed in the arena at TANKFEST 2024. 

This is the 12th consecutive year of a longstanding partnership between World of Tanks and the Museum. Besides that, they have had other co-oporations in the past, such as creating an education centre in 2013, plus supporting a multitude of restoration projects over the years. They also partnered in 2020 to co-launch TANKFEST Online, a pioneering digital event. Another notable addition to the visitor experience is the World of Tanks Gaming Zone, which offers a unique history-learning experience. These initiatives showcase Wargaming’s commitment to restoration, education and innovation in promoting the appreciation of armoured warfare history. 

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