Centurion AVRE Joins Roster for TANKFEST 2024

The Centurion FV4003 AVRE is the latest guest vehicle to be announced as part of the line-up at TANKFEST 2024, 28-30 June.

“We are proud to showcase the greatest display of historic moving armour in the world,” said Head of Collections Chris van Schaardenburgh. “We are pleased to work with Norfolk Tank Museum to showcase this Centurion AVRE for the first time in the TANKFEST arena”.

Fitted with a 165mm gun, this Centurion FV4003 AVRE was originally built as a Mk3 tank in the late 1940s and was the first Centurion to be converted in the 1950’s to AVRE specification. 

Centurion AVRE driving.
Thye Centurion AVRE is fitted with a 165 mm L9A1 demolition gun used for destroying obstacles and fortifications.

The AVRE served during peacetime in the UK and Germany and despite being considered an antique by tank crews, was up armoured and saw combat during the 1991 Gulf War. 

The AVRE joins the M47 Patton and the AMX-13 as the guest armour, tank fans can see in action in the arena. 
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