TANKFEST 2024 Guest Armour Announcement

The Tank Museum has announced the first in a series of special guest tanks appearing in the arena at TANKFEST 2024, 28-30 June.

“At TANKFEST, we are proud to showcase the greatest display of historic moving armour in the world,” said Head of Collections Chris van Schaardenburgh. “We are delighted to work with other collections to bring in ‘guest stars’ to treat the audience and keep the show fresh.”

In its TANKFEST debut, the M47 Patton will be joining in on the arena action following its restoration by Dan Pyle.

FARG Motorpool’s AMX-13 at TANKFEST 2024.

With celebrity fans including Arnold Schwarzenegger, this iconic American medium tank with its 90mm gun was widely used by the reformed West German Army from 1955 and by Cold War allies in various conflicts, from the Suez Crisis to the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. 

The AMX-13, owned by FARG Motorpool, will make its return to TANKFEST. This versatile and speedy tank, with its autoloader, was an important vehicle in the post-war era.

There are set to be even more guest vehicles announced in the coming weeks, so check out The Tank Museum online channels for updates.

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